Reducing 'car dooring': The role of stickers as visual reminders. Final Report. Ipsos Social Research, 2013. Prepared for Road Safety Action Group Inner Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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City of Chicago Bicycle Crash Analysis 2012, Summary Report & Recommendation


Legislative Report on Road Safety & Car Doors - Victoria, AU

Inquiry into the Road Safety Amendment (Car Doors) BilRl 2012
Final Report

State of Victoria; No. 155 Session 2010-12
Legislative Council
Economy and Infrastructure Legislation Committee
August 2012

Vision Zero Portland Oregon - Plan

German Research Paper on Bicycle Dooring Prevention Systems for Drivers

Investigation of bicycle accidents involving collisions with the opening door of parking vehicles and
demands for a suitable driver assistance system.
 by M. Jänsch, D. Otte, H. Johannsen
IRC-15-11  -  IRCOBI Conference 2015

Study finds merit in driver warning systems approach to bicycle dooring prevention, and reports on effective design/performance specifications.

Anti-Dooring Graphics etc. on Google Shared Drive

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