Local City/Town Actions

Cambridge Street Code teaches the Dutch Reach. Click image; see page 9. Doors are Dangerous. Avoid dooring by staying outside the Door Zone. Dirvers use your far hand to exit more safetly.

Cambridge Street Code teaches the Dutch Reach. Click her for pdf; see page 9.

Sample City Council Actions

Here are suggestions for municipal officials or local activists when seeking to promote the Dutch Reach method.

Vision Zero District of Columbia, Washington D.C. Dutch Reach graphic: Reach with the Right to Save a Life, with illustration of a child looking back swiveled, over his shoulder to view on-coming cyclist before opening car door, thus avoiding injury to the cyclist or himself or herself.

Washington D.C. "dcReach" graphic.

City Initiatives

Cambridge, Massachusetts may be the first U.S. city to officially advise all its drivers to use the far-hand reach method when exiting motor vehicles.  In December 2016 the city issued a guide to promote safe road sharing, addressing drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and transit users.  "Street Code - Rules and Etiquette for Getting There Together," is part of Vision Zero Cambridge.  Two pages of text and diagrams are devoted to dooring prevention for drivers and cyclists, and includes the formerly anonymous Dutch technique. (pp. 8 & 9).

The guide is the product of a collaboration among four city departments - Police, Traffic & Parking, Community Development, and Public Works.

Washington D.C., USA

On Oct 27, 2017, District of Columbia DDOT announced #DCReach  a November-long anti- car dooring campaign to promote the Dutch Reach. High crash incident streets will be targeted for intensive retraining of motorists when parking. Social media outreach will be emphasized using hashtag #DCReach.

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