Road Sharing, Ride Share, Truck & Motorist Safety Videos with ‘Reach’

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New York State Road Sharing Videos, 2017.

New York Bicycle Coalition together with City of Albany Police Academy & Governor's Commission on Traffic Safety produced this set of road sharing videos, posted on YouTube in July, 2017.  Part I is addressed to drivers; Part II to bicyclists.  The Dutch Reach is advised and taught in Part 1.  
For a list of topics covered in Part 1, click here.

Sharing the Road (Part 1) - Bicycle Law in New York State

Sharing The Road (Part 1) - Bicycle Law in New York State from New York Bicycling Coalition on Vimeo. (29 July 2017.

Sharing The Road (Part 2) - Responsibilities of Bicyclists in NYS


The City of San Francisco in consultation with SF Bicycle Coalition and Walk SF produced this 2015 truck/rig/bus/coach etc. driver training video.  Over 100 Bay Area corporations have hosted SFMTA-led driver training sessions for their fleet drivers using this video.  

Note:   Though as yet unnamed back in 2015 when this video was made, the Dutch Reach method is demonstrated at minute 14:30 of 17.

For full info on San Francisco's LUVDS Program click:  Large Urban Vehicle Driver Safety Program.



San Francisco Uber -- with help from San Francisco Bicycle Coalition -- has released a fine set of 4 short safety videos for their drivers focused on bicyclists' road rights, hazardous situations, infrastructure and safety tips.

The far-hand Reach is taught in the first video (at minute 1:07); while driver responsibility for safe pick-up and discharge of passengers is covered in the fourth:


Open the following link to view and learn about their 4 videos and collaboration.


Sharing the Roads with Bicycles - Info & Video

Uber's videos were released Sept. 22, 2016.


BuzzFeed News @BuzzFeedNews, August 20, 2017.
Allyson Laquian, Video Tech Producer.
"There is a safer way to open your car door" twitter video by BuzzFeed News video tech Allyson Laquian. Video focuses on risk posed by careless Uber Lyft rideshare or taxi passengers when exiting vehicles and the hazard of dooring bicyclists. Image is of BuzzFeed News' twitter post with a live video feed. Video presents & explains benefit of the Dutch Reach far hand method to avoid injuring cyclists. BuzzFeed News' Dutch Reach video by Allyson Laquian addresses the 'Uber / Lyft Effect' -- doorings by heedlessly exiting passengers of ride-share services.

Here's an easy trick to avoid hitting bikers when you exit a car 🚲


Share the Road, Same Rules, Same Rights - Video for Motorists re: Bicyclists

Share the Road, Same Rules, Same Rights with cycling pro Robbie Ventura.  Produced by the League of Illinois Bicyclists' Motorist and appears on You Tube with as Motorist/Driver's Ed Video on You Tube.

Note:  While the far hand method is not narrated, the woman driver shown exiting (at minute 4:18)  has reached across with her right hand to the door latch, swiveled and does a direct view 'should check' back to directly view on-coming traffic, ie. she does the Dutch Reach.