Policy Solutions – Dooring & Road Sharing

City of Toronto Motion to Reduce Dooring

Motion PWC25.13 favorably received and referred to Public Works staff - 28 Nov. 2017:


PW25.13  Motion to Reduce the Number of “Doorings” in Toronto submitted by Toronto Board of Health for Public Works Committee hearing 29 Nov. 2017.

Click image for motion PW25.13 to be heard 29 Nov. 2017.

View position paper. (Yet to include 'Reach').


Modernizing the BC Motor Vehicle Road Safety Act (2016)

The Road Safety Law Reform Group of British Columbia, Canada, prepared the following document to expedite needed revisions to the current law.

For information on the RSLRG, see: HUB Cycling or Bike HUB, and ACT NOW for a BC Road Safety Act. 

Issues regarding, and measures to address dooring appear in multiple sections of the position paper. Use "Search" function to locate relevant sections.

Note: This formidable document was prepared before the 'Dutch Reach' meme brought great attention to the long neglected, 50 year old Dutch method.  However advocates in British Columbia have begun moving the issue in other ways - see Insurance.