Tech Solutions to Doorings

New Technology & Gimmicks to Prevent Dooring Cyclists

Here are a variety of available high and low tech devices to prompt drivers and passengers, or to warn cyclists, to prevent doorings. If you know of others please forward info via email at Contact.

Thin vertical mirror attaches to post between front and back side windows for use by back seat occupants to watch out for bikes, trucks, cars, helps prevent, avoid doorings or being injured themselves.

Side rear view mirror lets passengers look for on-coming cyclists or other vehicles before opening door to exit.

Tech Solution 1: Side Mirrors for Back Seat Passengers

Thin vertical mirrors placed on the pillar between front and back side windows permit rear view for back seat passengers. The add-on mirrors with adhesive are sold as sets and are accompanied by stickers to instruct passenger use.   Mirroty company markets their mirrors to taxi fleet owners foremost to reduce civil liability, vehicle damage, off-service repair time, and 'accident' insurance cost exposures.

Sticker to place on window or in back seat area instructs occupants to watch out for cyclists, bikes, traffic before opening.

Sticker to warn passengers to check mirror to avoid dooring cyclists. - Cachi, Mirroty Inc.

Side rear view mirror on B pillar between front and rear side door windows.

Taxi equipped with Cachi mirror for rear passenger use.

Car with flashing lights triggered by driver or passenger unbuckling, unfastening seat beats, sets off warning lights on back roof, side mirror.

When seat belts unbuckle, DAS Lambda dooring alert system flashes exterior warning lights to alert cyclists

Tech Solution 2: Unbuckling & Video Cam Alert Systems for Cyclists & Occupants

An Australian company Dooring Alert Systems' DAS Lambda anti-'dooring' devices link unbuckling of seat belts to exterior warning lights; video cam detectors trigger interior warning lights of cyclist's approach  to avert the risk of dooring.  Also see article.

Rear facing radar alerts driver of on-coming cyclists with side mirror flashing LED - Audi A4 2016.

Rear facing radar alerts driver of on-coming cyclists with side mirror flashing LED - Audi A4 2016.

Tech Solution 3: Rear Radar to Warn Driver of Cyclist Approach

The new 2016 Audi A4 luxury sedan uses radar and flashing exterior warning lights to alert driver and occupants of on-coming bicyclists.  Concealed behind the rear bumper, the device first detects cyclists at 10 to 15 meters (33 to 49 feet) back.  Warning lights near the side rear view mirror and atop the door trim are triggered automatically for up to three minutes after engine turn off as well as when running.

Rider Reminder adhesive rubber strip on door latch provides tactile nudge:  Look for cyclists.

Tech Solution 4: Tactile Reminder on Inside Door Latch

The Rider Reminder is an Australian invention applied to a car door latch to cue drivers to look out for cyclists when exiting their vehicle.   It is a small adhesive loop of rubber textured to feel like a handle bar grip and meant to work as an aide de memoire.

It has been endorsed by Victoria AU's Transport Accident Commission, and promoted by professional Australian cyclist Cadel Evans. Evans talks about car dooring and the tactile cue's use to prevent doorings in this video:  Rider Reminder TAC Towards Zero.


Blaze Laserlight  -- 11500 of London's Santander public bikes to be equipped

Transport of London

This way the public bicycles of London avoid nocturnal accidents

Patricia Duran - 02/10/2016,  NOTICIAS  -- COCHES.COM

The system, pioneer so far, projects on the ground the image of a bicycle five meters away, in order that these are more easily recognized by a driver and avoid a possible collision.  Video promotion.

Transport for London Logo UK

Retracted door featured in on a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII

TECH SOLUTION #6: Disappearing Car Doors

Bend your mind and roll your car doors!

 Jatech of UK demonstrates its contribution to unconventional or pre-conventional vehicle door design with their video,  Disappearing CarDoor by Jatech.  While it has failed thus far to go mainstream, as have sliding vehicle doors, nor achieved such glory as DeLorean's gull-wing doors, Jatech's retractable-door trick should at least merit a cult following.  

But  bike expert John S. Allen was not reassured.  His  2009 blog post - End to “dooring” hazard? - noted it, and comments on its anti-dooring limitations.   

Audi 8 2018 has a suite of anti dooring tech features, including exterior alert lights when driver is about to exit, sensors to detect approaching on-coming bicyclist, automatic door locking to prevent heedless exits and risk of dooring injury or death to bicyclist. Vehicle lists at $200,000.

Click image for article.

TECH SOLUTION #7: 2018 Audi 8 sports Suite of anti dooring features

Audi reveals cyclist-friendly tech

New Audi A8 locks doors if it detects a cyclist

Vehicle has exterior warning lights for cyclists, senses when driver has hand on door handle, detects on-coming cyclists with remote sensing, and temporarily locks door should driver attempt to open in presence of on-coming cyclist. Protection lasts for 3 minutes once motor turned off. Price: $200,000 in Australia.

TECH SOLUTION #8: Semcon's 'Life Sticker' - Wireless Alert Device & App

TECH SOLUTION #9: Toyota's Revolutionary Dooring Deflector

Innovative: Toyota Is Saving Cyclists’ Lives By Adding Ramps To Their Car Doors
Press release:

“The engineers of the Toyota Motor Corporation are happy to offer a ramp feature improving the experience for everyone on the road. Instead of facing an opened door or potentially deadly sideswipe, cyclists will now be launched well into the air—and are encouraged to do a tail tap or even a 180, should they wish—before being safely returned to the ground.”

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Cover image for Dutch Reach anti- dooring Twitter Moments series PSA featuring James Dean beside a top viewed icon of a sedan with all four doors open.

"Doorings: Lo Tech Solutions" cover for Twitter Moments PSA which promotes the Dutch Reach as a 'No Tech" Low Tech solution to prevent dooring of cyclists.