Doorings – not just bicyclists*

Street car doored by auto in Washington, D.C. Feb. 21, 2017.

D.C. Metro Street Car doored by auto's occupant, H St. NE, Washington, D.C., USA on 21 February 2017. Credit: PoPville Blog.

Metro Street Car Doored in Washington, D.C., USA

A Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) street car was doored by a motor vehicle on H St. NE, Washington, D.C., USA on February 21, 2017 according to a photo & data provided by "Prince Of Petworth" in Popville, D.C.'s Neighborhood Blog



Crash scene of fatal dooring of motorcyclist on Singapore street after passenger opened car door into cyclist's path.

Motorcyclist fatally doored after passenger opened door suddenly into travel lane. The Strait Times, Singapore, 23 Feb 2017.



Motorcyclist dies after crashing into car door which 'opened suddenly' at traffic light
by Chew Hui Min  -  23 February, 2017

[Note:  Doorings and dooring injuries and fatalities are not limited to bicyclists.  Exited vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, skateboarders etc. are also vulnerable.  Vehicle damage to doors, car, truck, bus, light rail etc. -- also results, which can entail substantial damage. - ed.]

Driver doors Fedex truck traveling in bicycle lane.

Fedex Box Truck traveling in bike lane apparently doored by motorist opening driver door into bicycle lane causing illegal obstruction.


This incident is at present substantiated only by photograph.  It may have occurred in Los Angeles, California, USA, date unknown.

* Note: Dooring crash deaths, casualties & damages not just cyclists & bicycles

Doorings and dooring injuries and fatalities are not limited to bicyclists.  

Motorcyclists, moped drivers & their passengers, skateboarders, rollerbladers, hover board & Segway users, buses, trucks, tractor trailers, street cars, and other passing vehicles, and even the heedless drivers or passengers themselves who step into on-coming traffic -- are regularly at risk of dooring or faulty exiting practices.

Both doored and dooring vehicles -- the offending doors, or the collided car, truck, bus, street car, etc. -- may often sustain substantial damage. 

Victims' lives may be ended or compromised for days, months, years or a lifetime.  Perpetrators themselves are subject to life disruptions, whether the inconvenience of dealing with minor crash consequences, or significant legal and civil liability, license suspension or loss, possible job loss, guilty conscience, and attendant emotional distress of their own.