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To Protect Cyclists From Injury'; June 5, 20174:38 PM ET Heard on All Things ConsideredWeb page article, audio & transcript:   Massachusetts Goes Dutch

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Marco Werman reports on the Dutch Reach on BBC World Service & PRI's "The World"

Guest:  Michael Charney, Dutch Reach Project

Website story & recording:

This easy maneuver, borrowed from the Dutch, could be life-saving for cyclists

Recorded in studio at WGBH, Boston on 9/27/2016; broadcast: 10/2/2016.

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Photo of Phil Kennedy BBC, did radio report on doorings in UK & introduction of the Dutch Reach anti dooring method to protect bicyclists from getting doored, that is, crashing into carelessly flung open vehicle car truck doors into their path. Striking car door can result in serious injury or even death to cyclist. Interviews with Adrian Lawson, Cycling UK & Michael Charney, Dutch Reach Project.

Phil Kennedy, Berkshire Radio, BBC

BBC RADIO - Phil Kennedy Show, 11 September 2017

Dooring hazard back in the news - The Dutch Reach 

 Interviews with Adrian Lawson, Director, Cycling UK, & Michael Charney, Dutch Reach Project.

11 September 2017

Segment starts at 2 hr; 11 min; 30 sec.
Audio file only available until October 10, 2017.

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Outspoken Cyclist podcast Header; a bike show hosted by Diane Jenks

Dutch Reach Interview  hosted by Diane Jenks

Guest:  Michael Charney of the Dutch Reach Project

Show #316 – October 8, 2016

Interview starts at 34:37 min/sec mark

The Outspoken Cyclist series is produced by WJCU - 88.7 FM: Cleveland' and is shared on the Public Radio Exchange, PRX.

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Maine Calling title logo for Maine Public radio NPR call in show on automobile & road safety issues for a broadcast including Dutch Reach anti dooring method.


Auto News: Maine Public subject title

Dutch Reach segment begins at 16:50 min:sec.


John Paul, Master Mechanic and Spokesperson for AAA Northeast (who explains Dutch Reach).

Jamie Page Deaton, auto editor for U.S. News & World Report