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The Dutch Reach method & term is traveling the Globe!

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The far hand method continues to percolate across the internet & social media as more and more cycling & road safety advocates discover Holland's 50 year old wisdom.  

As of May 28, 2017, the above sampler is several months old.  It does not include English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and such countries as Singapore where it has also 'arrived.'  Among other 'tongued' countries, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, India, Portugal and even The Netherlands need to be added.  


"Approved by RoSPA" emblem to note the RoSPA endorsed the Dutch Reach in an advisory issued February 1, 2017 in UK.

Dutch Reach approved by RoSPA February 1, 2017. See full advisory here.

Diagram shows birds eye cut-away view of a driver, such as in the UK, or a front passenger, using the far hand method to reach across one's chest to the car door latch. The motion causes the upper torso to twist, allow head to turn almost directly back over the shoulder and out back to watch for dangerous on-coming traffic before opening car door wide & exiting.

The Dutch far hand reach method naturally causes drivers or passengers to swivel & gain a clear view of on-coming traffic before fully opening & exiting the vehicle.


Feb 1, 2017,
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), UK has endorsed the Dutch Reach Method as a recommended best traffic safety practice.  RoSPA issued its expert finding of safety advantage with a posting on its website.  It points out that the far hand reach method provides a continuous view of on-coming traffic whilst preparing to open and exit the motor vehicle.  It protects cyclists and exiting occupants from heedless and at times devastating harm, either by direct collision or due to dangerous swerves by bicyclists or vehicles to avoid flung open doors. 

The far hand method has been practiced in the Netherlands for about 50 years with little notice elsewhere.  Such recognition by one of the world's preeminent safety and accident prevention organizations raises this hither-to-fore nameless commonplace -- but official Dutch practice -- to new found respect and prominence.  It confers authority for its adoption well beyond the physical and linguistic borders which stalled its export, leaving it little known or neglected by the English speaking world and, as it now appears given recent globe media attention, by most every other nation as well.

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Map of the world and the side of the road the inhabitants drive on.

Map: Countries where drivers drive on left or right side of the road. Orange = Left
Green = Right

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From Prime Minister Trudeau...

MP Joel Lightbound's call for drivers to adopt the Dutch Reach to prevent bicyclist deaths and injuries by carelessly opened car doors, gets support of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, via tweet.

MP Joel Lightbound's call for drivers to adopt the Dutch Reach to prevent bicyclist deaths and injuries by carelessly opened car doors, gets support of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau via tweet.



For initial coverage of British Transport Secretary Chris Graylings dooring of a cyclist and leaving the scene without providing identity information nor reporting the crash to police, only to be exposed two months later when a Gro Pro video surfaced of his negligence, see:  "New & New

A Letter to The Guardian Editors, LBC UK talk radios website video, and this opinion piece in the Oxford Mail  by Sara Taylor each explain and call for adoption of the Dutch far hand method as Transport Secretary Chris Grayling could have avoided dooring a cyclist riding legally in the adjacent bike lane.