>> Reach, Swivel, Look out & back, Open slowly. <<

'Dutch Reach' now in Massachusetts'
2017 Driver's Manual.

 Add it to YOUR state's Driver's Manual too!

Drivers & passengers each use far hand to open car door. 

Reach across for the door handle.

Forced to Swivel, you automatically Look out, at mirror & easily back for bikes & traffic.

All clear? 


 Then Open slowly to exit while remaining vigilant.

Dutch kids learn it from parents & in school.

It’s taught in drivers’ ed, and required to pass their driving test.

It's been Dutch commonsense for 50 years. Time we thought so too!

Tip: Tie ribbon on latch as reminder... & practice! 



Dutch Reach Universal Sign, version with cyclist, window, steering wheel and dotted line of sight between driver & cyclist.. Figure swivels for left over-the-shoulder check for on-coming cyclists or other vehicles to avoid dooring crashes. Silhouetted iconic human figure in solid black on white background, seated but swiveled to left with right far (right) hand extended to 'door latch', head turned back over left shoulder with arrow line of sight backwards looking, scanning, for on-coming bicyclists, cyclists, vulnerable users or other traffic or vehicles which might otherwise be doored if occupant opened car door heedlessly. Doorings can result in serious, even fatal injuries to exiting drivers or passengers as well as more commonly to cyclists. The Dutch Reach method shown in the image prevents careless exiting of vehicles. This graphic symbol is intented for traffic signs, parking signs, warning to prevent and avoid doorings by exiting occupants in or adjacent to traffic or travel lanes.

Dutch Reach Universal Sign with Cyclist. Driver swivels for left over-the-shoulder check for on-coming cyclists. Credit: NY Bicycling Coalition.

'Dutch Reach' animation by MassDOT


Montage signifies fact that Massachusetts Dept of Transportation / Registry of Motor Vehicles added the Dutch Reach far hand anti dooring safety measure as a best practice advisory to its 2017 state driver's manual to prevent dooring crashes with cyclists, doors & exiting drivers & passengers. Massachusetts state map demonstrates the Dutch Reach.  Arm of Cape Cod appears to grab driver's side door latch. The 2017 Mass. Driver's Manual cover is superimposed on the green silhoutte of Massachusetts. Dutch Reach inset: "We Teach the Reach", and MassDOT's logo in also included.

Click image for information on how to add the Dutch Reach to your state's driver's manual as well.

Mass. DOT Safety Announcement - 5/30/17

View Press Release & other Bicycle Safety additions by MA DOT / RMV. 

Boston Globe: MassDOT adds ‘Dutch Reach’ to driver’s manual,  5/30/2017

The League of American Bicyclists encourages inclusion of 'Dutch Reach' in state Driver's Manuals. LAB's webpage provides legal, statistical, cycling & infrastructure insight on dooring hazard.


Young woman walks her bicycle beside a parked car, tells how she was doored, injured - follows video re-enactment of her crash / accident hitting carelessly opened car door. This sets up the short educational video How to do the Dutch Reach by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents UK.

Click image for RoSPA anti-dooring video. BBC.

'Dutch Reach' video by MassDOT


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The Simple Technique That Could Save Cyclists’ Lives - Outside Magazine 



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Sequence of photos of mobile electronic traffic sign message which states: "Safer to Open / Car Door / With Far Hand" which describes the Dutch far hand Reach method to prevent doorings by heedlessly exiting drivers or passengers from motor vehicles, cars, vans & trucks into travel & bike lanes which can cause collisions with the door and result in njury or death to bicyclists. This sign first brought the Dutch Reach method message to the attention first of the Boston Globe and then national and international media as the story was quickly picked up by public radio & social media.

Mobile electronic traffic sign texts the Dutch Reach, posted by Somerville Police Dept., Somerville, Massachusetts, USA, Sept. 7, 2016. Sign triggered media coverage which since brought this safety habit to international attention. Photos: Dutch Reach Project.

Boston Globe, May 31, 2017 Dutch Reach explanatory graphic in gray & orange on white illustrates method as cut-away front view as if through car windshield with man reaching far arm (right arm in US) across to door latch, swiveling in his seat to door an over the left shoulder scan or shoulder-check to look for on-coming traffic.  A cyclist in silhouette is depicted approaching along side the car, viewed as by driver through side window.  Two text boxes briefly describe the far hand method to prevent doorings of cyclists and other car door collisions.  Globe graphic has here been adapted for business card format & distribution for education & outreach for the Dutch Reach by Stephen Bingham of California.

Graphic: Boston Globe staff. Adapted as card handout - S. Bingham.  Click here for more Dutch Reach graphics.

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