Motor Vehicle Insurance Companies Can Help

Seek Auto Insurance Anti Dooring Incentives & Behavior Change Campaigns

Enlist motor vehicle insurance carriers, insurance authorities, Crown insurance corporations etc. to promote the Dutch Reach and other anti-dooring measures by educational outreach, behavior change campaigns, contractual training requirements, rate reduction incentives, crash or violation point rate penalties, etc.

While jurisdictional entities vary, vehicular insurance providers are typically subject to governmental regulation or other oversight, to serve the public interest.  Advocates may apply reason and pressure though legislators and city officials, by testifying at hearings, and by discussions and negotiations backed if need be by public campaigns, letter writing, and other typical advocacy strategies and tactics.

Example: Motion for Manitoba Public Insurance to Teach 'Dutch Reach'

Coun. Matt Allard promotes 'Dutch reach' to combat cycling accidents

St. Boniface councillor says body-twisting motion keeps cyclists safe from doorings
By Bartley Kives, CBC News, Jan. 10, 2017

The rookie St. Boniface backing a move to cut down on "doorings," or collisions between cyclists and the doors on motor vehicles.

Allard has authored a motion asking the city to work with Manitoba Public Insurance to popularize the "Dutch reach," a manoeuvre intended to ensure people in cars don't fling open their doors and into the path of oncoming cyclists without warning.

On his website, Councillor Matt Allard...

Thanks to my colleagues at public works committee today who endorsed my motion to direct public works to write a letter to Manitoba Public insurance asking them to consider the Dutch reach as part of driver education today.

Example: Ins. Co. RACV of Australia Teaches Dooring Prevention with Far Hand Reach


How to Avoid Dooring a Bicycle Rider

by RACV Motor Insurance. RACV is the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, Australia


Example: The Automobile Association (The AA) of the UK

Britain’s largest motoring organization and insurance provider, The AA, has produced and issued driver safety videos such as their #thinkbikes campaign.  

This cheeky anti dooring video calls for vigilance: 

Now You See Me

Posted March 7th 2014 in BikeBiz with informative article by Carlton Reid describing the launch of The A.A.'s #thinkbikes wing-mirror campaign