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French Canadian: MP Joël Lightbound fait la démonstration du «Dutch Reach»

Aol.On hosts video posted by Canadian Member of Parliament Joël Lightbound

Joël Lightbound fait la démonstration du «Dutch Reach»

Hungarian: Az ajtónyitás nem a "Dutch Reach" módszer alapján

Hungarian video on the Dutch Reach method to avoid dooring cyclists.  

Az ajtónyitás nem a "Dutch Reach" módszer alapján 

Posted by sagancmbp on YouTube, Oct 14, 2016
No captions nor translation is as yet available.  If you speak Hungarian and would like to help, please translate video's audio into English (and any other tongues you have mastered!) and send text to this project by email at: Contact.

Netherlands Driver Education Video on Safe Exiting of Vehicle

This example of a driver education video from Holland demonstrates standard procedure to safely exit one's vehicle - and does so in considerable detail.   Dutch traffic code requires drivers to perform the far hand manoeuvre or a comparably cautious action when exiting.  Not to do so when taking one's driver licensing road test can result in being failed.

Volunteer Help with Translation Was Needed...
Now a volunteer from somewhere on the planet has stepped up and done the work!  This is truly a grassroots campaign.


Below is the translated text, 

Exiting a car

When exiting a car it’s important to prevent dangerous and hindering situations for yourself and other road users. In this tutorial, you will learn how to exit your car safely. At the end of your driver’s exam you might be asked to exit the car and wait inside the driver’s center to find out whether you passed. This is done to observe how you exit the car and whether you’ll adhere to safety guidelines.

Pay attention, because you could fail your driver’s exam if you don’t!

We will now show you step-by-step how to exit a car safely.

Exiting the car
Step 1
Remove the key from ignition and fold it up, if possible.

Step 2
Look in front of the car, in the inside mirror, the left outside mirror and over your left shoulder!

Step 3
If there’s no oncoming traffic, firmly grab the door handle with your left hand to prevent losing your grip on the door by the wind when opening it.

Step 4
Wait until there is no traffic before you press the button to fold in the outside mirrors.

Step 5
Unlock the door with your right hand!

Step 6
After closing the door, you head into the direction of oncoming traffic to walk to the sidewalk.

Step 7
Once you’ve safely reached the sidewalk, you can lock the car doors with one press on the key(fob).


Translation most kindly provided by Femke Zeilstra  (11 February, 2017).