Dutch Reach Fliers & Hand-outs


"Business Card" for Dutch Reach Project website & email with two line summary of the Dutch Reach method. Last line telegraphs that the Project is an anti dooring campaign.. Small format line drawing of woman initiating far hand method appears to left of text.

Dutch Reach Project 'card-let' hand-out, suitable for 2" x 3.5" basic business card. PNG file format. Use Powerpoint or similar program to customize and create final using screen shot.

Single-sided template png file in business card size/ratio.  Insert image within 3.25" x 1.75" print frame to allow 1/4th inch blank margin for printing.

Use template as is, or revise using Power Point, Google Slides or other graphics program to modify or replace text or image as provided here. (link coming soon

Or, use reverse side for your organization's logo, contact information or message for a two-sided business/educational outreach card.  Link to edit-able Powerpoint slide will be here soon!


Dutch Reach anti-dooring flier for medical area staff & employees - both to Teach the Reach and encourage its inclusion in injury prevention safety programs for medical institutions & patients.  Download this flier down below~!



Tell everyone!  It’s a much safer habit!

>>  Reach across w Far hand, Swivel, Look at mirror,
Out & back, Open slowly. Exit facing traffic. <<

Dutch kids learn it from parents & in school.  It’s taught in drivers’ ed, & required to pass their driving test. It's been Dutch commonsense for 50 years.  Time we thought so too!  -- Tie a ribbon on latch & practice!

YOU CAN HELP!  Get your Medical Area institutions’ fleets, transportation management & all employees to use & promote this RoSPA-approved* best practice.  Vendor delivery contracts could require training for safer bike/ped road sharing.  Add parking lot & garage signage, waiting room posters & flat screen messaging to teach the Reach!  Carry the Reach into your own community: to retrain public employees, citizens & businesses.  Add it to public school curricula from grade school up into driver ed.

For videos, graphics, info to advance this grassroots campaign go to: www.dutchreach.org   #dutchreach or email: dutchreachorg@gmail.com
*Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, UK