Canada – Proposed Road Safety Reforms for B.C. & Toronto

Proposed Rivisions for Road Safety Act of British Columbia

Road Safety Law Reform Group in British Columbia submitted a detailed proposal to update B.C.'s Road Safety Act.  Issued in 2016,  the RSLRG proposal pre-dates the Dutch Reach campaign's promotion of the far hand dooring countermeasure. However B.C.'s Transportation mnistry and ICBC - the Royal Crown company which provides vehicular insurance - have both endorsed and are now promoting the Reach method.  Hence it well may find itself included should the province revise its road safety regulations.

Dooring Reduction Motion before Toronto Public Works Committee - 29 Nov 2017

PW25.13 Motion to Reduce the Number of “Doorings” in Toronto submitted by Toronto Board of Health for Public Works Committee hearing 29 Nov. 2017.

Click image for motion PW25.13 - Referred to staff, 29 Nov. 2017.