Outreach, Education & Advocacy

'Dutch Reach' Campaign Ideas

1) Reach stickers, signage & video: Need to design a signage 'figure' doing the Reach; logo; window decals; instructional graphics; video & audio PSAs for youtube, classroom and social media; electronic traffic sign texts; messaged swag: buttons, key fobs, T-shirts.

2) Teach Reach in Drivers Education curricula for teens, as well as for younger school children -- to create a generational wave. As happened with recycling, smoking and seat belt use, teachers taught kids, kids then badgered parents to change behavior, as many did!

3) Introduce legislation regarding Registry of Motor Vehicles, for regulations requiring State Drivers Manuals and licensing exams to include the Reach, and require window warning decals on all vehicles sold and when registered and inspected.

4) Outreach to service stations, car insurers, auto dealerships, bike shops, construction gates and truck delivery docks, health waiting rooms, pharmacies, supermarkets. etc. Use building permit process to require education of truckers. Place signage on streets, transit buses, meters, electronic traffic signs etc. to alert new and out of city and state drivers, passengers, tourists, students etc.

5) Marketing research and support such as focus groups to evaluate driver, passenger & public response, resistance to doing Reach or other measures; to test imagery, messaging, branding.

6) Lobby higher profile state and national organizations and government agencies to addReach promotion to their agenda.

7) Develop a network of people and organizations to convene by conference call to discuss collaboration and synergies.

8) Establish website/webpage presence to help promote, coordinate and serve as a clearing house for resources and as a shared discussion venue for Reach education, outreach and advocacy work, locally and nationally.