General Car Bike Ped Safety Videos

New York State Road Sharing Videos (July 2017)

The New York Bicycling Coalition, Albany Police DepartmentNYS Governor's Traffic Safety Committee produced this set of training and public education videos.

Logos for New York Bicycling Coalition, City of Albany, NY, Police Dept; NYS Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, who produced NYS Road Sharing videos on Bicycle Law in NYS, & which includes the Dutch Reach countermeasure to prevent doorings, cyclists being hit by open car doors.

Sharing The Road (Part 1) - Bicycle Law in New York State - Motorists

Sharing The Road (Part 2) - Bicycle Law in New York State - Bicyclists

Massachusetts, USA, Road Sharing Safety video

Walk…Don’t Walk: Pedestrian Safety Awareness for MA Law Enforcement

Driver laws apply to cyclists as well. All lesson items apply. Bike specific: at 6:48 min.