Dutch Reach Truck & Car Hijack Prevention Video

Truck Driver Video: Use Dutch Reach to Avoid Truck-jacking & Cargo Theft 

In this surprisingly unique YouTube video blog, an independent truck owner/driver from Calgary, Alberta -- Mr. Greg Haskey -- extolls the Dutch Reach for far more than crash avoidance of doorings and door damage costs, liability and resultant insurance rate hikes.

Rather, he shrewdly notes and celebrates how the direct view back afforded by the Dutch Reach protects the personal security of the driver from risk of mugging and truck hijacking threat after parking.   For the Reach enables an exiting driver to assure that a truck-jacker is not lurking just behind his truck door when he is about to unlock and exit his cab.

As he explains late in the video, modern truck cabs now lock automatically whenever closed to prevent thieves from opening the door whenever the truck is stopped, whether or not the driver is inside.

Hence truck-jackers main chance is to surprise a driver as he/she opens the cab door to exit. At that moment, the hijacker would seek to grab him by the neck from behind the opening door, or otherwise incapacitate him.  To protect himself, his truck and cargo, a driver is well advised to maximally assure that no threat lurks flushed close outside behind  the cab door.

Some viewers will find his presentation beyond their norm, overly enthused, repetitious and even infectious!  But enjoy it or bear with it, as it is only near the last 2 of its 5:20 minutes when he arrives at his pragmatic insight.

"The Dutch Reach - Pass It On!"