Anti Dooring Campaigns & PSA Videos

Anti Dooring Videos Calling for Caution & Public Awareness

Bike Dooring Footage

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2017 05 02 Almost doored by taxi, washington at wacker 8 10am

Some careless guy on his way to work dropped off by a taxi in a bike lane opens his door without looking and nearly doors me and the guy ahead of me.

Now You See Me - by The Automobile Association (The AA)

Britain’s largest motoring organization and insurance provider, The AA, here uses an artfully naked cyclist to launch #thinkbikes wing-mirror campaign:

Now You See Me

Posted March 7th 2014 in BikeBiz with informative article by Carlton Reid describing the launch of The A.A.'s #thinkbikes wing-mirror campaign


Notre rue, on la veut sécuritaire - Our street, we want it safe - City of Montreal, Canada

City of Montréal Cycling Anti-Dooring PSA video

Notre rue, on la veut sécuritaire
Our street, we want it safe

Le civisme,
Une droit,
Une responsibilité

-- Montréalaise charte des droites et responsibilités

Published on Nov 3, 2014 La Charte montréalaise des droits et responsabilités reconnaît aux citoyennes et aux citoyens des droits et des responsabilités, dont le civisme. Conçue par et pour les citoyens, c’est en quelque sorte un contrat social visant à favoriser des rapports responsables et harmonieux entre tous. Le civisme, c'est partager la route et veiller à la sécurité de chacun des usagers.

Take Out a Friend, Not a Cyclist - New York City DOT

New York City Dept. of Transportation produced this public service anti dooring video, the second of several as part of its "LOOK for Cyclists" campaign.   It does its vigilance/awareness pitch with captions, jazzy beat and a sharp arrival.

Take Out a Friend, Not a Cyclist

Clink link and scroll down to find more NYC DOT's  "LOOK" Safety Campaign materials.




March 19, 2016

Drivers asked to stop ‘dooring’ to help cyclists (article & video)

"In British Columbia, one in 14 crashes are due to dooring. In Vancouver, one in seven bike crashes are the result of dooring....HUB Cycling recommends drivers open their door with their right hand, focing them to do an over the shoulder check."