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Tweet composite graphic of home-made Dutch Reach reminders using plastic bicycle charm or text tags describing the Dutch Reach far or opposite hand method for safer opening of car doors to exit as it forces you to look out & back for cyclists.

Do It Yourself Dutch Reach Charm & Tag Reminder - Click to enlarge. More practice aids here.


In Croatian / Hrvatski from Sarajevo, Jan 1, 2018:: Dutch Reach explained by a Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina / Bosnia & Herzegovina radio station. Drivers use right hand to open car door to avoid accidental doorings of bicyclists.

Dutch reach / Zašto biste uvijek trebali otvarati vrata automobila desnom rukom [Why you should always open the car door with your right hand],
Reports on the Dutch Reach, 04. 01. 2018.

2005 to Present...

Dooring Motion before TO Public Works Committee

PW25.13 Motion to Reduce the Number of “Doorings” in Toronto submitted by Toronto Board of Health for Public Works Committee hearing 29 Nov. 2017.

Click image for motion PW25.13 to be heard 29 Nov. 2017.

TO City Councillor Gets It


CityNews Toronto video of Dooring crisis that City Council must address. Demonstration of Dutch Reach anti dooring motion done with a car door during Council meeting.

Click for in-depth video/article on Toronto's dooring crisis & 29 Nov 2017 Public Works Committee meeting.

Will Toronto Finally Tackle Doorings?

Cyclists push for a meotion to reduce 'dooring' collisions in Toronto, Ottawa, as reported by Rogers Media Television, CityNews reporter FAIZA AMIN, on NOV 25, 2017

Faiza Amin, CityNews TV, Nov. 25, 2017. Toronto, Canada. Click for video & article.

British Columbia promotes Dutch Reach

British Columbia's Transporation Minitry and ICBC, the provinces' Royal Crown corporation which provides road, car, auto, vehicle liability & accident insurance for all BC road users also now promotes the Dutch Reach far hand anti dooring method to protect cyclists from door danger.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia Advises Far Hand 'Trick'

“Open with your hand farthest from the door. It makes you twist a little in order to reach the door and remind you to do a shoulder check before proceeding.” - ICBC / Cycling Canada.

See ICBC's Cycling Safety webpage accompanying ICBC video at right.

ICBC Safety Video

d Logo for DDOT Washington DC

DDOT Launches #DCReach

On Oct 27, 2017, District of Columbia DDOT announced #DCReach  a November-long anti- car dooring campaign to promote the Dutch Reach. High crash incident streets will be targeted for intensive retraining of motorists when parking. Social media outreach will be emphasized using hashtag #DCReach.

Washington DC Govermment Logo

Vision Zero District of Columbia, Washington D.C.  Dutch Reach graphic: Reach with the Right to Save a Life, with illustration of a child looking back  swiveled, over his shoulder to view on-coming cyclist before opening car door, thus avoiding injury to the cyclist or himself or herself.

Dutch far hand reach anti dooring method video produced by Stylist Magazine for facebook. Video is montage with captions in English expalining the technique to avoid dooring cyclists or stepping out into on-coming traffic by use of the hand opposite the door to exit the vehicle.

Click image for Stylist Magazines's facebook video.


To view the SA's official Dutch Reach advisory, click here & scroll down. Click image below for video & article.

South Australia's government adots Dutch Reach in anti dooring cardooring campaign, October 2017.

Minister of Road Safety of South Australia Chris Picton demonstrates the Dutch Reach. Click image for article & video.

 The new technique that could stop cyclists colliding with car doors

By Tom Angley • Reporter,, Oct 19, 2017


Caution Reach Man on yellow

Dutch Reach Parking Alert sign with black silhouette of driver & approaching cyclist on on black figures on white background. Driver is turned facing back with far hand on door latch, doing the Dutch Reach technique, using far hand anti dooring method to open latch, turned & to look over shoulder to scan for on-coming bicyclists or traffic. Figures & bike wheels are in ISO international standards organization's style. Design by New York Bicycling Coalition & Dutch Reach Project.

MA 'Moving Together'

At Moving Together 2017 held in Boston, Massachusetts' Registrar of Motor Vehicles described new bicycle safety measures introduced by MassDOT. The Dutch Reach was featured. More here.

Road Sharing for Teens

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program for Massachusetts revised & expanded its section on what to instruct one's teenager with a driving learners permit in Massachusetts how to Share the Road more safely with bicyclists and pedestrians, as well as other vehicles.  This graphic lists general Road Sharing topics covered in parts One 1 and Two 2 of the new manual.

The 2017 Parent's guide for Massachusetts expanded its section on road sharing issues.. Click on image to enlarge. Click here for SPDP-MA's website & guide.

PSDP Share the Road Topics & Link to Manual

List of topics covered in the Share the Road section of the Parent's Supervised Driving Program for teaching teen drivers and permit holders how to operate motor vehicles safety under Massachusetts' state law, and how to share the road with bicycles, pedestrians and other vehicles. The Dutch Reach for safe exiting of vehicles to avoid doorings of bicyclists, door damage and possible collision with exiting occupants is now included in the guide for parents instructing their teenagers with learners permits.

Click on image to enlarge. Click here to view &/download complete MA PSDP guide. See pages 40 & 41 for for the "Share the Road" section which now includes the Dutch Reach.

Toronto City Council to consider Riide Share Dooring Motion.

Meanwhile in Illinois...

Ride Illinois & Chicago DOT seek updates to Illinois Road Rules & Driver's Manual to teach road sharing safety practices to Illinois drivers & passengers.  The Dutch Far hand method for avoding dooring of bicyclists is included.  Graphic & text promote use of the far hand showing a driver using right hand to reach to door latch, swiveling left to look over shoulder for on-coming traffic before opening car door.

Click pix for story.


Dutch Reach Universal Sign, Figure swivels for right over-the-shoulder check for on-coming cyclists or other vehicles to avoid dooring crashes. Silhouetted iconic human figure in solid black on white background, seated but swiveled to right with right far (left) hand extended to 'door latch', head turned back over left shoulder with arrow line of sight backwards looking, scanning, for on-coming bicyclists, cyclists, vulnerable users or other traffic or vehicles which might otherwise be doored if occupant opened car door heedlessly. Doorings can result in serious, even fatal injuries to exiting drivers or passengers as well as more commonly to cyclists. The Dutch Reach method shown in the image prevents careless exiting of vehicles. This graphic symbol is intented for traffic signs, parking signs, warning to prevent and avoid doorings by exiting occupants in or adjacent to traffic or travel lanes.

Dutch Reach Universal Sign, Figure swivels for right over-the-shoulder check for on-coming cyclists or other vehicles to avoid dooring crashes. Click image to enlarge.  US driver version & more information on NYBC Dutch Reach graphics click link here.


New York Bicycling Coalition designed a semi transparent window decal for cars, trucks, taxis, ride share vehicles to educate and prompt drivers & passengers to use the far hand Dutch Reach method or maneuver to prevent dooring crashes with bicyclists or other on-coming traffic when they exit parallel to travel lanes & bike lanes.  A box of text explaining the maneuver accompanies this image of a human figure reaching for the door latch, & pivoting to look over shoulder look back & scan for cyclists.  An adjacent image shows an bicyclist approaching & now can be seen by the driver or passenger.

NYBC window decal shows Dutch Reach safe exit habit for drivers & passengers. Accompanying text describes far hand method & advantages. Click image to enlarge.


Text accompanies decal, explaining the Dutch Reach method. Click image to enlarge.

A text dominated graphic advertises the Governors' Highway Safety Associations' State Farm funded study of national crash data and safety research regarding bicycle fatalities due to vehicular collisions with bicycles. Titled A Right to the Road, Understanding and Addressing Bicyclist Safety the study includes promotion of the Dutch far hand technique for safe opening of car doors by drivers & passengers.

GHSA's major new study, A Right to the Road.  It endorses the Dutch Reach to prevent doorings.


August 24, 2017

A Right to the Road: Understanding & Addressing Bicyclist Safety, is a comprehensive assessment of the major issues confronting bicyclists on the nations roads.  

This 75 page study analyzes national bike/car fatal crash data and describes 30 action steps to help State Highway Safety Offices (SHSOs) and local communities assess and improve bicyclist safety.

The Dutch Reach is shown in a highlighted and illustrated on page 58 as part of  a section entitled "Educating Motorists & Bicyclists".  It contains a link to Outside Online's now viral video The Dutch Reach - Safe For Work. [Note: The complete version of this video with its popular teaser may be viewed here.]

Read the GHSA Press Release.  View recorded webinar briefing (8/29/2017) & slides. Download the full study (pdf).

GHSA's study presents the Dutch Reach as a motorist education tip to prevent heedless doorings. (p. 38 of report).

Dutch Reach driver education tip (GHSA study (p. 58). Click to enlarge.

New International Interest, Web Coverage & Videos

THE GUARDIAN - 11 September 2017

Encourage 'Dutch reach' to stop cyclists' car-door deaths, says charity

Photo from The Guardian article 11 Sept. 2017 on anti dooring campaign promoting the Dutch Reach by a charity founded by parents of Sam Boulton of Leicester who died when a carelessly opened car door caused fatal collision.

Cycling UK is seeking greater awareness about the dangers car doors can pose to cyclists. Photograph: Hym/Imagebroker/Rex/Shutterstock

Cycling UK says Netherlands’ method for opening car doors with the far hand makes drivers and passengers look behind them.

RoSPA - BBC NEWS - EUROPE - 11 September, 2017

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents UK

Young woman walks her bicycle beside a parked car, tells how she was doored, injured - follows video re-enactment of her crash / accident hitting carelessly opened car door. This sets up the short educational video How to do the Dutch Reach by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents UK.

Click image for RoSPA Dutch Reach video presented by BBC News.

How to do the 'Dutch reach'

RoSPA: 10,000 Driving Instructors to be Advised

The Telegraph UK - in depth on Dooring

Hugh Morris article on joint RoSPA & Cycling UK's anti-dooring campaign launced Sept. 11, 2017. RoSPA announces it will train its 10,000 driving instructor member to use and teach the Dutch Reach habit to new drivers.

The Telegraph UK reports on RoSPA & We Are Cycling UK's Dutch Reach anti-dooring campaign - 11 Sept 2017. Click to view full article.

EPIC! Hang in, hang on!


Hướng dẫn mở cửa ô tô đúng cách, tránh nhiều tai nạn đáng tiếc

Guide to open the car door properly, avoid many unfortunate accidents.


Xe ô tô, 25/6/17  ; 25 June 2017 

Go to full report with videos in Vietnamese.  Use search engine translation function (eg. Google, Bing) for rough translation.

British Columbia Road Safety Reform

View position paper. (Yet to include 'Reach').



"荷式开门":一个小动作 可能挽救一条命

Composite graphic with graphics & chinese character headlines for linked article on Dutch Reach anti- dooring method for use in China.

Open the Door:
A little trick may save a life. Chinese media report on the viral Dutch method. Montage above created by DR Project to share Sohu coverage. on Twitter by @DutchReach. Click image to view.  Use browser to approximately translate. 2017-02-24 




MassDOT Press Release 
New Bicycle Safety Sections
Dutch Reach now Official

How to Add Dutch Reach to your  
State's Driver's Manual 

2017 Driver's Manual, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA. New green cover design shows roadway, waterway & distant Boston skyline.

2017 Driver's Manual, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.

Dutch Reach now in Massachusetts' Driver's Manual

Front page diagram in the Boston Globe, 5/31/2017, A1, titled: A Safer Way to Open Up. Provides cut-away diagram of Dutch Reach anti dooring method which Mass. DOT now includes in 2017 Driver's Manual.  Use of far hand to open prevents suddenly flung open doors, which can result in death or serious injury to bicycliests. Main story continues in Metro Section, B2, by Steve Annear.

Boston Globe: MassDOT adds ‘Dutch Reach’ to driver’s manual,  5/30/2017 (online);  A Safer Way to Open Up, A1 [above] & To reach a door, do like the DutchB2, 5/31/17 (print). By Steve Annear, Globe Reporter.

MassDOT: “Scan the Street for Wheels and Feet”

Scan the Street Campaign: The "Dutch Reach"

Scan the Street: 30 Second Version

NPR National Public Radio Logo with letters N, P, R in white with red, black & blue backgrounds respectively.

"Approved by RoSPA" emblem to note the RoSPA endorsed the Dutch Reach in an advisory issued February 1, 2017 in UK.

Dutch Reach approved by RoSPA February 1, 2017. See RoSPA's advisory here.

Cambridge Street Code teaches the Dutch Reach. Click image; see page 9. Doors are Dangerous. Avoid dooring by staying outside the Door Zone. Dirvers use your far hand to exit more safetly.

Cambridge Street Code teaches the Dutch Reach. Click here for Code, see page 9.

mage of car bumper with sticker reading "Reach with Your Right, Look Out for Cyclists". A school teacher in Oregon starts her own campaign backed on the far hand anti dooring method, August 2017.

An Oregon school teacher made this (Dutch) Reach anti dooring bumper sticker to share in her community. [Aug. 2017]

Over the background of a cyclist beside a vehicle, is a table of contents for the Sharing the Road video produced by New York Bicycling Coalition in conjunction with Albany Police Academy & the Governor's Traffic Safety. Committee in 2017.

Road Sharing issues for drivers addressed in Part 1 of NY Bicycling Coalition video.

New York State teaches 'Dutch Reach' in new Road Sharing Video!


BuzzFeed pitches Dutch Reach caution to ride-share users.

Videographer Allyson Laquian.
Posted: August 20, 2017 on Twitter (left).  Retweeted @DutchReach with montage graphic by Dutch Reach Project (right). 
Click either image or here to view video.

"There is a safer way to open your car door" twitter video by BuzzFeed News video tech Allyson Laquian. Video focuses on risk posed by careless Uber Lyft rideshare or taxi passengers when exiting vehicles and the hazard of dooring bicyclists.  Image is of BuzzFeed News' twitter post with a live video feed. Video presents & explains benefit of the Dutch Reach far hand method to avoid injuring cyclists.

BuzzFeed News' Dutch Reach video by Allyson Laquian addresses the 'Uber / Lyft Effect' -- doorings by heedlessly exiting passengers of ride-share services.


Alternative graphic to promote BuzzFeed's "Dutch Reach" video on ride-share dooring hazard which advised the far hand method.  It is comprised of subtitle quotations taken from the BuzzFeed video overlaying a screenshot of the interior of ride-share users at night in an Uber or Lyft, preoccupied with their electronic devices. Captions describe dooring risk.  Inset of the narrator (Allyson Laquian) in lower right.

Dutch Reach Project's graphic to promote BuzzFeed's "Dutch Reach" video on ride-share dooring hazard which advises the far hand method.  See it as a tweet here.


Investigator | Do the Dutch Reach to avoid dooring

An in-depth report on the growing occurrence of 'dooring' & a lesson on the Dutch Reach.

Cyclist viewed in left side mirror from WKYC Investigator news report on Doorings. Twitter image for Investigator | Bicyclists, car doors collide with painful results. July 10, 2017 WKYC Channel 3 News. Cleveland, OH, USA.

Investigator | Bicyclists, car doors collide with painful results. (Photo: Mike Leonard/Phil Trexler, WKYC)

EL PERIODICO DEPORTES of Barcelona touts 'Dutch Reach.' - Animation contrasts near versus far methods.

El Periodico Deporte describes & illustrates the Dutch Reach to prevent dooring crashes, injury or death of cyclists, using GIF animation contrasting the use of the near versus the far hand to open the car door.

"Dutch Reach": la forma de abrir la puerta del coche que puede evitar la caída de un ciclista
El método, con la mano contraria a la puerta, fuerza a mirar atrás para comprobar si viene alguien, evitando el punto muerto del retrovisor. - El Periodico Deporte: 19 June 2017, by ASIER JIMÉNEZ LARZÁBAL / Barcelona, Spain. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE; CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE, ANIMATION & VIDEO.

New Jersey Bicycle & Pedestrian Resource Center post on Dutch Reach - montage includes image of cyclist about to be doored & inset on Dutch Reach instruction page from 2017 Massachusetts Driver's Manual. Article titled The Dutch Reach: A Doorway to Safer Streets.

"A Doorway to Safer Streets": New Jersey Bicycle & Pedestrian Resource Center reviews & recommends the Dutch Far-Hand 'dooring' countermeasure, 6/27/17.



SR-Mediathek's Current Report topical news program broadcast interviews with road safety experts and produced demonstration videos on the Dutch Reach, 13 March 2017

SR-Mediathek's Current Report topical news program broadcast interviews with road safety experts and produced demonstration videos on the Dutch Reach, 13 March 2017. Coverage starts with report on dooring fatality as cyclist traveled in bikelane turned deathzone.

Segment on Hollandaise Gribft starts at 3 min. (second report).


Berlin, Germany: Dooring homicide charge evaded by Saudi diplomat

Anger as Saudi official escapes prosecution over cyclist death because diplomatic immunity

A SAUDI Arabian diplomat has escaped prosecution after he opened his door while parked in a cycling lane and killed a passing biker.

Dooring crime scene, Berlin June 2017. Saudi Porche driver killed cyclist, claims diplomatic immunity, spurs outrage.

The Saudi Arabian diplomat opened his door while parked in a cycling lane which killed a cyclist.


German news service issues 'Dutch Reach' video; follows Berlin fatality

Do you know the "Dutch reach"? This is a simple trick to avoid accidents when opening the car door with pedestrians or cyclists.

Kennt Ihr den "Dutch Reach"? Das ist ein einfacher Trick, um beim Öffnen der Autotür Unfälle mit Fußgängern oder Fahrradfahrern zu vermeiden.

Logo for Claims Journal, online journal about insurance issues.

Claims Journal - 5/12/17

Separate Lanes, Laws Aren’t Enough to Stop Bicycle Dooring Incidents

Despite dooring laws in 41 states and designated bike lanes in cities across the country, dooring incidents continue to cause concern.


Active Transportation Alliance spokesman Jim Merrell says the data is a sign more needs to be done to prevent such crashes.

Though there’s a lack of data in dooring accident statistics, cities make up a significant portion of bicycle crashes, said Ken McLeod, policy director of The League of American Bicyclists.

Dooring laws are important, he said, because they increase public awareness of the problem and because bicyclists can’t really prepare and avoid a car door opening in front of them.

“There is also a campaign by private citizens called The Dutch Reach which advocates people opening doors with their right hand, so they are prompted to look behind themselves,” McLeod said.

Scene of fatal dooring in Chicago. Caption reads "There are solutions" accompanied by the Dutch Reach Logo and website URL. Photo by Chris Smith.

Illinois DOT's latest Chicago bicycle crash data (2015) shows a steep increase in 'doorings.' See: WTTW Chicago Tonight, 4/21/17. This follows a similar striking jump in doorings reported in Toronto for 2014-16. Scene is of fatal dooring in Chicago in 2016. Photo: Chris Smith.

Chicago 'doorings' rose 50% in 2015, caused 17.5% of bike crashes.

Chicago Tribune

Number of Chicago cyclists caught by car doors on the rise, IDOT data show

Leonor Vivanco Chicago Tribune, April 26, 2017

More than 300 cases of cyclists crashing into open car doors on the streets of Chicago — deemed America's Best Bike City — were reported in 2015, an almost 50 percent increase from the previous year.

Anti dooring poster teaches the Dutch Reach with cartoon figure of a dooring crash.

Teach the Reach! Poster. Credit: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston;.

No Tech Solution graphic with Dutch Reach Icon, ribboned door latch & hand signifies Dutch Reach habit.

Dutch Reach Logo, tied-ribbon reminder, & far hand reaching across to door latch graphically signal simple, "No Tech" safe anti dooring method.

Cover image for Dutch Reach anti- dooring Twitter Moments series PSA featuring James Dean beside a top viewed icon of a sedan with all four doors open.

"Doorings:  Lo Tech Solutions" cover for Twitter Moments PSA [click & scroll] which promotes the Dutch Reach as a 'No Tech" low tech method to prevent doorings of cyclists.

Graphic rendering of a dooring crash as cyclist strikes obstructing door. View is from front of a parked car. Text reads "Doors Hurt"; caption defines far hand method for safe exiting of car to avoid dooring cyclists.

"Doors Hurt" graphic adapted from anti-dooring flier by City of New Haven's Dept of TT&P in 2013.  Click image to enlarge. View flier here.

The NewsWheel recommends the Dutch Reach to its Car Dealershiup Audience

The News Wheel -

Avoid Dooring Cyclists with Dutch Reach Technique

With spring in the air, more and more bicyclists are taking advantage of the warmer weather to log some miles on two wheels instead of four.... Even with the best intentions, often when drivers are in driver mode, they are not thinking about cyclists. This lack of thinking is dangerous because it can lead to accidents.  The Dutch Reach concept is trying to prevent drivers and passengers from unintentional harm to cyclists, other vehicles, and to themselves...  Read full article.

Photo by ~EvidencE~ via Torontoist Flickr Pool.

Torontoist -

Ontario Province Refuses To Track Doorings or Consider Them Collisions

Cycling safety needs to be a higher priority for Ontario's Ministry of Transportation.  Read article.


Fort Collins' innovative Bike Friendly Driver (BFD) program teaches the far hand method. They call it the "Opposite Hand Trick"!  But that's just one tip in their BFD course aimed at motorists.

Motorists are responsible for most all doorings and for half of all vehicle/bike collisions.  But bike safety advocates have lacked programs to cure driver error.  Now enter the Bike Friendly Driver program of Fort Collins, CO.

Fort Collins has posted its Bike Friendly Driver program, its course, and a toolkit to develop, adapt & market versions for one's own locale.  It was featured at the National Bike Summit 2017 and is now going nationwide!

Find Information & links for the BFD course & toolkit here.

Message on Bike Friendly Driver course slide: Tip:  HOW TO AVOID: Motorists - Use this Opposite Hand Trick.  (To avoid dooring cyclists when opening car door).

Motorists - Use this
Opposite Hand Trick.

Editorial headline & photo from the The Toronto Star, 3/9/17, which calls for Dutch Reach as a simple solution to doorings. Photo of upset doored woman with bruised arm.

The Toronto Star, 3/9/17.

Canada: The Toronto Star - Editorial

Protect cyclists from ‘dooring’

Thu., March 9, 2017

Last year there were 209 collisions caused by ‘dooring.’ That’s an appalling increase of 58.3 percent since 2014. There’s a simple solution. ... continue

T/RT to promote: @DutchReach & #dutchreach

Twitter homepage for @dutchreach

Tele-organize Dutch Reach outreach, education & advocacy via Twitter @dutchreach & #dutchreach.  You can help by RT-ing. More here.

PSA Series on Social Media

New Photo/Graphics Gallery for Anti Dooring

Dutch Reach Gallery: 70+ images
Montagew of anti dooring stickers, posters & decals surround line drawing of a woman with her far hand reached across to car door latch, initiating the Dutch far hand Reach for safer exiting of stopped vehicles. A center left caption reads: "Far hand to open / Far safer! /". Credit: Dutch Reach Project

Go to: Photo & Graphics Gallery or on drop-down Menu at Advocacy Toolkit > Graphics, Flyers, Stickers > Anti Dooring Gallery...

Outreach Card Template

"Business Card" for Dutch Reach Project website & email with two line summary of the Dutch Reach method. Last line telegraphs that the Project is an anti dooring campaign.. Small format line drawing of woman initiating far hand method appears to left of text.

Dutch Reach Project 'card-let' hand-out, suitable for 2" x 3.5" basic business card. PNG file format. Use Powerpoint or similar program to customize and create final using screen shot.

Mapped Doorings in Toronto, Canada 2014-2016

Dooring locations in Downtown Toronto 2014-2016. Dooring locations are marked with a yellow dot. Blue lines indicate the presence of bicycle lanes. Hot spots are in red. (Cycle Toronto) - CBC News, 3/8/16.

Click on map: links to Cycle Toronto map & full report.


See:  Cycle Toronto's Dooring Report

CBC News, Canada:

More cyclists getting doored on city streets, advocacy group says

Dooring collisions up 58 per cent in 2016 compared to 2014, Cycle Toronto says  -  by Andrea Janus, CBC News Posted: Mar 08, 2017


Cyclists 'trying to get from A to B'

Cycle Toronto issued a number of recommendations for the city and province, and also for drivers and cyclists.

For the province:

  • Change the MVAR to include dooring collisions to ensure more accurate reporting.

For the city:

  • Install protected bike lanes on streets without streetcar tracks, including Bloor Street and Yonge Street; improve Adelaide Street between York Street and Victoria Street.
  • In areas where streetcar tracks are prevalent, such as the west end of the urban core, consider replacing on-street parking with protected bike lanes.
  • Investigate the role taxis and ridesharing services play in dooring collisions; consider banning taxi and ridesharing pickup and drop off in hotspot locations like Yonge and Dundas.
  • Include dooring collision analysis in Road Safety Plan.
  • Launch education campaign to educate drivers to understand why people on bikes ride one metre from parked cars even when that means using the centre lane of traffic, and to open their car door with their right hand.

For drivers:

  • Use your right hand, what's known as the Dutch reach, when opening your car door. Always shoulder check before opening your door.

For cyclists:

  • Avoid riding in the door zone by riding at least one metre from parked vehicles.

Additional coverage:  ‘Dooring’ incidents ... on the riseDramatic increase in 'dooring' 

Scene of fatal dooring by van passenger July 2016 Leicester UK Sam Boulton teacher. Police investigators on site.

UNITED KINGDOM -- Trivial Fine for Fatal Dooring by Taxi Passenger

Crash scene of fatal dooring of motorcyclist on Singapore street after passenger opened car door into cyclist's path.

Motorcyclist fatally doored after passenger opened door suddenly into travel lane. The Strait Times, Singapore, 23 Feb 2017.



Motorcyclist dies after crashing into car door which 'opened suddenly' at traffic light
by Chew Hui Min  -  23 February, 2017

[Note:  Doorings and dooring injuries and fatalities are not limited to bicyclists.  Exited vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, skateboarders etc. are also vulnerable.  Vehicle damage to doors, car, truck, bus, light rail etc. -- also results, which can entail substantial damage. - ed.]

AUSTRIA: Weiner Zeitung on Dutch Reach -

Weiner Zeitung - blog, 21 February 2017

Schutz for Dooring: Türe öffnen mit der anderen Hand
Protection for Dooring: Open the door with the other hand

Von Matthias G. Bernold


Diagram shows birds eye cut-away view of a driver, such as in the UK, or a front passenger, using the far hand method to reach across one's chest to the car door latch.  The motion causes the upper torso to twist, allow head to turn almost directly back over the shoulder and out back to watch for dangerous on-coming traffic before opening car door wide & exiting.

The Dutch far hand reach method naturally causes drivers or passengers to swivel & gain a clear view of on-coming traffic before fully opening & exiting the vehicle.


Feb 1, 2017,
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), UK has endorsed the Dutch Reach Method as a recommended best traffic safety practice.  RoSPA published by web its expert finding of safety advantage.  It points out that the far hand reach method provides a continuous view of on-coming traffic whilst preparing to open and exit the motor vehicle.  It protects cyclists and exiting occupants from heedless and at times devastating harm, either by direct collision or due to dangerous swerves by bicyclists or vehicles to avoid flung open doors.

Screen shot of RoSPA's Road Safety webpage which explains & recommends the Dutch Reach Method for dooring prevention, protecting bicyclists & exiting drivers & passengers from collision.

Click image for RoSPA's page

The far hand method has been practiced in the Netherlands for about 50 years with little notice elsewhere.  Such recognition by one of the world's preeminent safety and accident prevention organizations raises this hither-to-fore nameless commonplace -- but official Dutch practice -- to new found respect and prominence.  It confers authority for its adoption well beyond the physical and linguistic borders which stalled its export, leaving it little known or neglected by the English speaking world and, as it now appears given recent globe media attention, by most every other nation as well.


Man who coined ‘Dutch Reach’ term asks police to publicly distance themselves from misleading video

by Alex Bowden, February 14 2017

A copy of the letter to Chief Constable Alec Wood of Cambridgeshire Constabulary, UK as cc'd to ROAD.CC with cover letter may be viewed at the preceding hyperlink.

Diagram shows birds eye cut-away view of a driver, such as in the UK, or a front passenger, using the far hand method to reach across one's chest to the car door latch.  The motion causes the upper torso to twist, allow head to turn almost directly back over the shoulder and out back to watch for dangerous on-coming traffic before opening car door wide & exiting.

The Dutch far hand reach method naturally causes drivers or passengers to swivel & gain a clear view of on-coming traffic before fully opening & exiting the vehicle.

UK - THE TELEGRAPH: Twitter all you like but Dutch Reach no laughing matter.

How opening your car door like the Dutch could save someone's life

by Hugh Morris for The Telegraph, UK
8 February 2017



A sign that RoSPA-approved Dutch Reach merits 'culture war' status.

The tabloids' escalation - see below - is now raising these issues further, albeit by use of dis-information and mockery.  Their attack may be in support of British Transport Secretary Chris Grayling who since December 15th, 2017 has been faulted for failure to use the Dutch Reach.  Grayling had doored the cyclist in October 2016 but his offense was only exposed two months later when a video of the dooring surfaced, posted by The Guardian, a legitimate newspaper in UK.  

Graying failed to exchange identification and has thus far escaped prosecution, despite apparently violating traffic code on several counts. Due to this scandal, the Transport Secretary has inadvertently elevated dooring, traffic law & safety for cyclists, bike lanes, and the Dutch Reach method -- all to far greater public awareness and concern than would otherwise have been the case.   

The tabloid press seized on a curious attempt -- seemingly well-meant by the Cambridgeshire Constabulary, UK, but dodgy all the same -- to improve upon the Netherlands', RoSPA and the Dutch Reach Project's recognized method.  

It was (first?) reported in the UK Cambridge News, and included online a jaunty video purporting to demonstrate the Dutch Reach.  But in fact was a radical departure:  It instructs drivers to lean out their opened side window to look for on-coming traffic, and use the far hand to grab the outside door handle and latch to open.

Note:  The original hoax story & dodgy video which appeared 9 Feb. in Cambridge News UK was taken down on 17 Feb without explanation nor accompanying retraction.   The headline and link are deceptively unchanged.  The substituted article again carries Raymond Brown's byline but whether the called-out editors or Mr. Brown actually did the re-write is here unknown.  Camb New UK & Brown's featured dodgy video has been removed -- & replaced by Outside Online's The Dutch Reach - Safe For Work.

CAMBRIDGE NEWS, UK    -   Cambridge Newspapers, CNL Media Ltd 

City leaders and police urge drivers to deploy 'Dutch Reach' to improve safety for cyclists

'Dutch Reach' is a method of opening a car door which is less likely to injure a passing cyclist
by Raymond Brown, 9 Feb., 2017 -- Now revised & considerably altered as of 17 Feb., 2017.  See preceding note above.

The British tabloid press seized upon this report to "ridiculue" (sic) theCambridgeshire police - perhaps well justified, but also mislabeled it the Dutch Reach, neglecting to make clear or report at all that the method mocked is a far deviation from the Dutch Reach. runs counter to RoSPA's advisory.  



Screen shot of dodgy tabloid reporter's mock "dutch reach', reaching out window to open car door, to discredit NL method either for sensation or in defense of motorist bias against cyclists.

Screen shot from the dodgy video purporting to enact the Dutch Reach. The reporter who apparently orchestrated the hoax is seen performing a mock 'dutch reach' which first ran in a Cambridge UK paper, as allegedly endorsed by the Cambridge Constabulary. The Constabulary denied approving the account which was however later picked up by London tabloids who feasted on it.


– based on a dodgy video

by Alex Bowden February 11 2017

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It’s just Double Dutch! Motorists ridiculue [sic] police proposal for drivers to adopt wweird 'Dutch Reach' technique for getting out of a car without hitting a cyclist

Method called Dutch Reach involves opening door with your 'opposite' hand

By Emily Chan For Mailonline
Published: 12:12 EST, 10 Feb 2017 | Updated: 12:31 EST, 10 Feb 2017


'SOUNDS QUITE RUDE' Police mocked for ‘absurd’ campaign involving a manoeuvre dubbed ‘Dutch reach’ aimed to make roads safer for cyclists

The method involves motorists winding down the window and opening the door from the outside using their left hand
by Ellie Cambridge, 10th February 2017, 11:28 pm

Photo: Bike shadow on wall and adjacent ground, shows hand bars, stem, front wheel & fork. Shadow of wheel bends at ground, forming heart shaped front wheel shadow. Unknown photographer, found on Google search of bike + heart

A new webpage under Media > Blog Post Sampler on Dutch Reach, is now added for Valentine's Day! [Thoughtful writing on deeper meanings of this simple act.]

Also another new page under Advocacy Toolkit > Working Papers > Strategy & Pushback is now up, featuring a debate with John S. Allen, 'bikexprt' from his Bicycle Blog.  [Recommended for wonks only.]



Here's Why You Should Never Open Your Car Door With Your Left Hand
Bicyclists everywhere will thank you.

by Maria Carter, JAN 31, 2017 (blog)

Diagram shows birds eye cut-away view of a driver, such as in the UK, or a front passenger, using the far hand method to reach across one's chest to the car door latch.  The motion causes the upper torso to twist, allow head to turn almost directly back over the shoulder and out back to watch for dangerous on-coming traffic before opening car door wide & exiting.

The Dutch far hand reach method naturally causes drivers or passengers to swivel & gain a clear view of on-coming traffic before fully opening & exiting the vehicle.

Pour arrêter d’emportiérer (blesser et tuer) les cyclistes


Pour arrêter d’emportiérer vous qu’il existe une méthode facile pour éviter de blesser ou tuer un cycliste par mégarde lorsqu’on ouvre la portière d’un véhicule en ville : la «poignée hollandaise» ?

Louis-Philippe Messier
MISE à JOUR Lundi, 10 octobre 2016 20:0


How the 'Dutch reach' could help drivers protect cyclists from 'dooring'
by Michael O'Reilly, Executive Style, Jan 20 2017


How to Avoid Dooring a Bicycle Rider
by RACV Australia


MAMAMIA: What Women Are Talking About  > Real Life > Lifestyle
Jan 17,  2017 -  Joanna Robin

This small adjustment to the way you open your car door could save a life.

 A Dutch driving trick that's saving cyclists.

London Cabbies' Favored Radio LBC-UK Favors 'Dutch Reach'

Radio station beloved by London cabbies posts 'Dutch Reach' cycle safety video
by Elliot Johnston January 15 2017 -


LBC UK: Leading Britain’s Conversation

The One Thing We Can ALL To Do Save Cyclists' Lives
Website video & talk radio segment - 13 January 2017

Transport Secretary Grayling's cameo concludes the video.
For more on this story see below, Transport Sec. Doors....

Readers Digest: Always Open Your Car Door with Your Right Hand

Here’s Why You Should Always Open Your Car Door with Your Right Hand

The "Dutch reach" could save lives—so why don't we teach it in America
by Brandon Spector


The 'Dutch Reach' explained

CBC News: Winnipeg at 6:00
January 10, 2017 01:09
The CBC's Brett Purdy explains the 'Dutch Reach'


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ca City Councillor Matt Allard submits motion for 'Dutch reach' body-twisting motion to keep cyclists safe from doorings.  Asks Public Insurance agency to popularize manoeuvre. CBC News, Jan 10, 2017.  

Mark Cahoe, executive director of Bike Winnepeg endorsed the measure as a doable and affordable complement to infrastructure improvements.

Image from above of cut-away car showing view of driver with far right hand on door latch, torso turned and field of vision directed back to see on-coming cyclist before opeiing door fully, thus avoids dooring the bicyclist.

Street Code's diagram of driver using Dutch Reach far hand method to look back, see cyclist and avoid opening fully. [Design credit: Marie Macchiarolo, Cambridge Community Development; in public domain.]



Cambridge, Massachusetts may be the first U.S. city to officially advise all its drivers to use the far-hand reach method when exiting motor vehicles.  In December 2016 the city issued a guide to promote safe road sharing, addressing drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and transit users.  "Street Code - Rules and Etiquette for Getting There Together," is part of Vision Zero Cambridge.  Two pages of text and diagrams are devoted to dooring prevention for drivers and cyclists, and includes the formerly anonymous Dutch technique. (pp. 8 & 9).

The guide is the product of a collaboration among four city departments - Police, Traffic & Parking, Community Development, and Public Works [Design credit: Marie Macchiarolo, CCD].  Its publication followed several high profile bike/vehicle fatalities in Cambridge including the dooring-related death of nursing student Amanda Phillips at a hazardous intersection last June, whose death triggered an outpouring of protest and city-wide resolve.

And Prime Minister Trudeau Agrees!

MP Joel Lightbound's call for drivers to adopt the Dutch Reach to prevent bicyclist deaths and injuries by opened car doors, is supported by Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada via tweet.

MP Joel Lightbound's call for drivers to adopt the Dutch Reach to prevent bicyclist deaths and injuries by opened car doors, is supported by Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada via tweet.


Sécurité routière : le député fédéral Joël Lightbound fait la promotion du «Dutch Reach» (VIDÉO)

Canadian MP Joel Lightbound calls for a national stccampaign to prevent doorings using the Dutch Reach.

Canadian MP Joel Lightbound calls for a federal safety campaign to teach the Dutch Reach to avoid dooring bicyclists, using The Dutch Reach Project's line drawing for stickers. Nov. 14, 2016


Road safety: MP Joël Lightbound promotes "Dutch Reach"

by Catherine Lévesque,  14/11/2016 23:40 EST

Canadian MP Joel Lightbound displays bilingual Dutch Reach educational outreach card to teach the far hand anti dooring method.

Joel Lightbound MP Ca displays bilingual Dutch Reach card to promote the method, at press interview after his Nov 14, 2016 speech before Parliament. YouTube screen shot.


Dutch Reach Crosses to Canada, Boston Globe, Nov. 17, 2016


Here's a teaching moment for road sharing, Door Lanes, the Dutch Reach and more, courtesy of Britain's Secretary of Transport  Chris Grayling.  His dooring offense and subsequent comments raise debate on behavior, enforcement, infrastructure and policy:
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling faces calls to quit and for prosecution after knocking cyclist off bike
A cyclists' defence fund has also called for his prosecution
NPR  - 12/16/16:
THE GUARDIAN, UK - 12/16/16:
Letter:  How to safely open a car door, Dutch-style
DAILY MAIL, UK - 12/15-16/16:
Grayling opens his car door and sends a cyclist flying into a lamppost - just a week after lashing out at London cyclists for being 'unwilling to obey road signs'

Read more:
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THE GUARDIAN, UK  - 12/15/16:
Chris Grayling sent cyclist flying with his car door, video shows
 CYCLING WEEKLY, UK - 12/06/16:
Cycle lanes cause problems for road users, says Transport Secretary