Video on or with Dutch Reach

Animation Shows Dutch Reach Sight Line Advantage

This neat, brief GIF video animation of two diagonally adjacent parked cars with drivers preparing to exit, captures the over the shoulder line or arc of sight advantage of the Dutch Reach compared to the near hand habit.  

Hopefully, it may still be find-able or search-able at this live 1/22/17 Twitter Search link: 

dutch reach - GIF News  * - See note below.

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* Note & Request for help:  A clip of this gif animation appears in a CBC Manitoba News's story & video about a new  dooring prevention appeal to Manitoba Public Insurance - a Crown Corporation - by the City of Winnipeg, 1/10/17, found here.  If anyone can locate the original posting site or a mirror link for this video segment or the complete gif file of the animation, it would be most helpful to have, post and share on the Dutch Reach Project website. 

It is attributed to GIF News but the link in the Twitter post by CBC Manitoba links to the article, not the original gif video or the segment viewed in link above.

 If you find it, and can determine how to save, link or embed it for dependable display here and elsewhere, please contact this site.  

-  Thanks!