Anti Dooring Gallery – Photos & Graphics

Anti Dooring Gallery: Graphics & Photos for Dutch Reach Promotion

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Magician's hands suspend Dutch Reach diagram as if a playing card. Ft Collins CO USA named the far hand anti dooring method the Opposite hand trick, & teaches in in their Bike Friendly Driver program.

Ft Collins CO USA named the far hand anti dooring method the Opposite hand trick, & teaches in in their Bike Friendly Driver program.

Anti-dooring flier recommends far hand method to drivers, part of New Haven, CT's Dept. of Transportation, Traffic & Parking bike safety initiative of 2013.

"Doors Hurt" flier produced by the City of New Haven, CT, USA Dept of Transportation, Traffic & Parking for its 2013 anti- dooring campaign. "Doors Hurt" advises drivers to use their right hand to open car door but to enable swiveling to look back for cyclists.  But the campaign did not use a unique name to describe it. (A contemporary news story in the New Haven Independent descibed the maneuver as the "Amsterdam Method."  Even so, the effort anticipated the Dutch Reach campaign by three years.

Anti dooring poster teaches the Dutch Reach with cartoon figure of a dooring crash.

Teach the Reach! Poster. Credit: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston;.

Graphic rendering of a dooring crash as cyclist strikes obstructing door. View is from front of a parked car. Text reads "Doors Hurt"; caption defines far hand method for safe exiting of car to avoid dooring cyclists.

"Doors Hurt" graphic adapted from anti-dooring flier by City of New Haven's Dept of TT&P in 2013. View flier here.

No Tech Solution graphic with Dutch Reach Icon, ribboned door latch & hand signifies Dutch Reach habit.

Dutch Reach Logo, tied-ribbon reminder, & far hand reaching across to door latch graphically signal simple, "No Tech" safe anti dooring method.


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