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Photo: Young male driver seen reaching across with far hand (right for right side of road dirvers) to open car door latch, initiating Dutch Reach anti dooring maneuver.

Arrow emphasizes far hand reach across to door latch which commits to Dutch anti dooring maneuver. Credit: Modified still shot from Outside Online's Dutch Reach - Safe for Work video. Appeared in LifeAspire article on 3/9/17.

LifeAspire Features Huffington Post Canada Video

LifeAspire website shares a fun new Dutch Reach video courtesy of Huffington Post Canada.  It features bouncy music, captions and humorous persistence.  The article includes a still screen shot -- <<< here at left -- taken from the viral Outside Online video but marked with a red arrow to emphasize the initial far hand grab for the car door latch, the signature move of the Dutch Reach anti dooring method.

The Huff-Post video is found at the bottom of the post - & on a FaceBook page posted by HPC.

The 1 Thing You Should Always Do Before Getting Out Of The Car - This Could Save A Life

by LifeAspire Staff 3/9/2017


How the Dutch Reach Could Save Lives - Outside Magazine

The Dutch Reach - Safe For Work, by Outside Magazine Online, Sept. 19, 2016

Outside's video appears  now on websites worldwide. To date (1/14/17) it has been viewed over 1.3 million times on Outside's own You Tube account & home website portals alone.  Outside's viewers voted it their most loved video of 2o16.

Other major venues also hosting it include PRI, 99%invisible, CleanTechnica, Upworthy,  Treehugger, 

The One Thing We Can ALL To Do Save Cyclists' Lives - LBC UK, 2017

LBC UK: Leading Britain’s Conversation

The One Thing We Can ALL To Do Save Cyclists' Lives
13 January 2017 - Talk radio website video

Unrepentant dooring expert British Transport Secretary Chris Grayling stars here as poster child for the Dutch Reach.  

Jazzy video lesson with stills, beating music and captions concludes with Grayling's Go Pro cameo.

Dooring dangers... as peak cycle season arrives - CTV News Ontario Ca

Dooring dangers: Cyclists, drivers need to be alert as peak cycle season arrives

Taylor Poelman,  CTVNews.ca
May 3, 2014

Excellent double news report gives overview of dooring hazard across Canada, with high quality video and web-print news story.  

Both video and story recommend the far hand method for safe exiting in interviews with Geoffrey Bush for Montreal's  "Une Porte, Une Vie" 2014 anti-dooring campaign, and Rob Tarantino, Board Chair of Cycle Toronto.


The 'Dutch Reach' explained - CBC News: Winnipeg Canada, 2017

The 'Dutch Reach' explained   

CBC News: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ca
[For another slice of animated lesson go here.] 

Video accompanies news story in which a local Councillor calls for Manitoba Public Insurance agency to educate drivers on the 'Dutch Reach':

Coun. Matt Allard promotes 'Dutch reach' to combat cycling accidents
St. Boniface councillor says body-twisting motion keeps cyclists safe from doorings
By Bartley Kives, CBC News, Jan 10, 2017

Manitoba Public Insurance is a nonprofit Crown Corporation that provides basic automobile coverage.


How to Avoid Dooring a Bicycle Rider
by RACV Australia
About video & more...
How the 'Dutch reach' could help drivers protect cyclists from 'dooring'
by Michael O'Reilly, Executive Style, Jan 20 2017
Woman's far hand on car door latch, to open car door using the far hand Dutch Reach method.

AU: Mamamia Says!
(click for video)


MAMAMIA: What Women Are Talking About

Mamamia.com.au  > Real Life > Lifestyle
Joanna Robin -  Jan 17,  2017
This small adjustment to the way you open your car door could save a life.
 A Dutch driving trick that's saving cyclists.

The Huffington Post, Canada's Dutch Reach Video

"Simple 'Dutch Reach' Will Save Lives Of Cyclists"

by The Huffington Post, Canada - 11/17/2016

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